Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Creative Space

Not so many words this week, but given that we have established what a detective extraordinaire I am, perhaps today we should see how well you fare. We have butterflies attached to floral wire. We have silver shimmer flakes. We have blocks of fine Belgian chocolate and, oh yes, we have candles. What mischief could be afoot at Casa Del Waffler, hmmmm ?

Oh, and for those of you who were simply giddy with delight at the word 'tatterdemalion', this week we focus on the letter 'i' and I give you, imbroglio.

Mavis : But I am adamant, we simply must have scones.

Beryl : I appreciate your determination dear sister, but I must disagree, it can only be fruit cake.

Mavis : Oh dear, another imbroglio we find ourselves in.

Now whilst you digest that little gem why not swing by Kirsty's and enjoy a whole lotta creativity.

Monday, February 22, 2010

It was the four year old, in the bedroom, with a red crayon.

Perhaps I wasn't looking hard enough for the fine print in my guide to rearing children book. Maybe an entire chapter had mysteriously gone missing. But no where did it mention that upon having children I would have to don a blue plastic suit and whip out my forensics kit at a moments notice to solve many a household mystery.

If you have children, I imagine that you are nodding your head at this very moment. Every day seems to hold a new and exciting puzzle to solve, some easy, some, not so much.

Le Artiste, thankfully, does not seem destined for a life of crime (there you go mum, that should help you sleep easier at nights). When a sticky blue snake is to be found dangling from his bedroom ceiling, he will simply stare at the floor, stare back at the snake, shrug his shoulders and say "Yes, sorry mum, it was me. I threw the snake at the ceiling." Which is always handy as it saves me many unnecessary hours of canvasing the neighbourhood looking for someone who is randomly throwing sticky blue snakes around.

Petal, on the other hand, will deny all crimes, regardless of how blatantly all signs point to her. Whilst using a handy blue biro to scrawl a tag on the lamp shade when no one is around seems like a well executed plan, scrawling your own name will in fact give the game away entirely. As it will when written on the bookshelf or across Dolly's forehead. I'm sure with age she will attempt a wee bit more discretion, but you can bet your bottom dollar that I won't be fooled if I see *Mummy* penned cunningly on to the coffee table, oh no, I will be onto that like a shot... just as soon as I check out my own alibi.

Admittedly, I have a small crime file of my very own, some misdemeanors which I remember and some which I'm sure my parents would be more than happy to remind me of. There was the time I thought it would be a fabulous idea to cut some decorative shapes into my bedroom blind. The time I thought I would try my hand at hairdressing and trim myself a fringe (or bangs, for you American folks) which I then thought I could cleverly disguise with around 20 bobby pins. Oh, and not to forget the time I aimed my slingshot at a lemon and instead took out the stained glass panel next to our neighbours front door, for which my sister caught the initial blame, oops. Ah yes, happy memories, don't you agree mum ? I just know you're reading this with a smile on your face.

Anyway, now it is my turn to play detective. Will I ever be able to solve the mystery of the bent towel rail ? Hmm, yes my dear Watson, I think I see a clue.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Creative Space

Today Peeps we are going to talk about the letter 'T'. Getting creative with the letter 'T'. Tempestuous, temperamental, tantalising 'T'. Tempting tomatoes and tenacious turtles. 'T' gives us lovely words like tactile and tea, tardy and tatterdemalion. Go on, I just know you want to throw that into a sentence today, I imagine the conversation would go something like this :

"Oh Marjorie, look yonder at that gaberlunzie youth slouching in the corner,"
"Why yes, Petunia, a tatterdemalion to be certain. Clutch your Hermes tightly and we shall cross the street away from the vulgar commoners."

Anyhoo, for your viewing pleasure, I give you the tenacious turtle tootling straight into the Prep classroom for a highly inspired make-over and..

...totally tempting tomato sauce. Mmmmm yum, straight from our very own vegie patch, delicious.

For more tranquil treasures trippity trip to Kootoyoo. Thanks again Kirsty.

Monday, February 15, 2010

A Package of 'Ahhhhh'.

A small parcel came from far across the sea,
A sweet little package addressed especially to me.

Lola Nova, she's the best,
Lola Nova, chuck out the rest.

Only joshing my lovely peeps,
I could never chuck any of you away,
but thank-you gorgeous Ms A,
I just adore my beautiful wallet :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Creative Space

It's nice to be back. Back to the early stages. Back to basics. Black and white, lines and curves, drawing for pleasure not pressure. Later today I get to go and help out with Year Four Art class, now that my friends is a place for inspiration and creativity gone wild. I just love it.

Thank-you Kirsty for hosting My Creative Space. For more wonderful spaces scoot on over to Kootoyoo and enjoy.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sorry Waffles, but we are revoking your Blogging licence.

I have been a bad blogger, bad, bad, bad I tell you. So bad that I'm just waiting for that inevitable knock at the door where I will be confronted by two men in dark suits brandishing a clip board and advising me that my blogging licence has been revoked. But suffice from admitting that I dug myself into a rather large hole of late, and then stood neck deep in mud as I watched the sides of my hole crumble and fall in on top of me (all metaphorically speaking of course, I'm pretty useless with an actual spade) I won't bore you with the nitty, gritty yawn-inducing details.

The good news is, thanks to a lengthy heart to heart conversation with The Coach and a therapeutic and a well over-due painting session I think that I am heading back in the right direction. I'm climbing out of my hole and Teddy is climbing out of the laundry hamper, we're just peas in a pod some days.

I feel that now would also be the perfect time to offer my sincerest apologies to the patient Ms Cathie and Ms Amy who have been waiting ever so quietly for their giveaway prizes. Looky here gals, see these bright and cheery little characters, one will be heading to each of you with-in the next few days. Thank-you both for being so understanding.

I do hope you have all been behaving in my absence, you know I'll be checking don't you.