Monday, January 31, 2011

The Sea of Imagination

It probably won't come as any great surprise to you to learn that I can often be found floating on my back in The Sea of Imagination. It's rather a lovely place to drift about in, which I'm sure you would know, as I am certain that I wave to many members of the blogging community as they slowly pass me on gentle currents of their own.

My Sea of Imagination is fed from many different rivers. The River of Literature. The River of Film. The River of Theatre. The River of Music. Well, you get my drift (excuse the pun, I just couldn't stop myself). With so much wonderful creativity pouring into it, my Sea is always full to the brim and I don't think I could stop myself from popping in for a little float, even if I wanted to.

But this brings me to another point, an observation if you will. As many of you may know, Le Artiste is now nine, and catching up with friends is a favoured past time. So I have been watching the nine year olds at play, and it has saddened me to see that their Seas seems a little more like ponds, some, mere puddles.

This is not to say that they don't have bursts of wonderful imaginative play, but I often seem to encounter blank faces and those words which can drive the most patient of souls straight up the walls, "But we are bored. There's nothing to do."

Keep in mind that these are mountain children. Children with access to large yards, an abundance of trees, many family pets, the odd lake (yes, truly) and so much opportunity it makes my head spin. They have heaps of books, vast art and craft areas, trampolines and swing sets. How on earth can they be bored ?

Well, I don't know, perhaps it is an unavoidable part of living in modern society where computers, gaming consoles, mobile phones and iPads are common place. But I for one will continue to dust off the Secret Seven, Famous Five and Moomintroll books to try and encourage my children to build their rivers, expand their ponds and join me for a dip in the Sea.


  1. Boy 1 resides in the ocean of inspiration and other worldliness, Boy 2 dips his toes in at times but also captains the ship named "I'm Bored"...

    My childhood was one of mud dams, watching spiders spin and climbing trees. Still trying to pass this part of the inheritance down the line methinks.

  2. Oh I just love that : 'captains the ship named "I'm Bored"..' I know I've seen you in The Sea of Imagination MM :)

  3. With a 5 year old, I am still blissfully observing a child crashing into the waves of imagination. In fact, just as I was reading your post, she came out of her room dressed in scarves of many colors, a mask made of of undies and a-whoop and a-holler!
    "I am super Super Girl! I have magic powers! Bloppity Boo, you're a manatee!!!"

    So, I watch her splash about and hope she can keep some of this when she's 9.

  4. I'm the one with the hot pink floates, A-W.

  5. LN, I am happy to report that Petal also loves crashing in the waves. And Super K said he was very impressed with the undies mask and multi scarved costume. He says "Go Super Girl, go."

  6. What a great post, beautifully written and well said, I loved books as a child too and I believe reading tuaght me about writing and imagination. You can introduce your children to the joys of floating in the sea and keeping it an ocean of possibility rather than the dribble of a tap.


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