Monday, June 20, 2011

Meet Waffles, aged 16 and 3/4.

I am going to go out on a limb here and say that I think many blog writers were once Journal and Diary authors. It is in our very nature to jot down notes and write about the ideas that are bouncing around in our overactive brains and short of spending six hours on the phone at the end of the school day, I think many of us felt the need to continue our purge in written form.

I'm not certain how old I was when I first started keeping a Diary, but I have one in the top of my cupboard from when I was fifteen and they continue through until I was twenty, although as the years progress, the entries become more sporadic. Clearly I was too busy talking the ears off all my friends and boyfriends to put pen to paper, boy, weren't they the lucky ones.

I thought it might be fun to share a diary entry from when I was sixteen. Sweet sixteen *sigh* ha, I think my mother would argue that I was growing hormonal horns at that age, and re-reading my old Diaries, I think I am inclined to agree. Crikey, what a hotpot of turmoil, boys and teenage angst..oh..and boys ? Did I mention boys ? Yikes.

Anyway, for your enjoyment, please meet Waffles, aged 16 and 3/4 -

Monday 27th June 1988

Dear D,

OMIGOD, soooo much has happened since I last wrote. GAM, where to begin, that's that prob.....Well, last week Johnny Depp was in Melbourne & he went on Hey Hey It's Saturday and...well....S managed to get 3 tickets for Hey Hey though CONNECTIONS :). 1 for G, 1 for C and one for moi, well, G was sic so Butler Woman came & we saw Hey Hey, then when we came out, we found out JD was still there, so...along with about 40 other girls we waited for him & he came out and was signing autographs & stuff, but he went back in before I could get his autograph, well, C had to go at 4.30, but Butler and I along with about 4 year 10 St.C girls, who were reely nice :), till 6, oh and about 7 other dicky bogans came back, and Daryl Sommers went and got JD for us and & got his autograph and spoke to him & (shock, horror, gasp) shook his hand.


He was reely sweet. I heart JD 4 Eva.

Of course beside the above diary entry are about seven magazine pictures of Johnny Depp, including one from TV Week which shows him signing autographs after Hey Hey with a sea of teenage faces mushed up against the wire fence (and I have proudly drawn an arrow at one of the blurry mushed faces and written 'that's me'). Oh the sweet memories.

Were you a diary keeper ? Do you ever still pull out the old journals and have a laugh at your crazy teenage antics ? I am sure that having these snippets of myself as a teenager will help me when I am trying to rationalise the behaviour of my own children when they hit those formidable has to cling to something...


  1. I think I would die of embarrassment if I could read anything I wrote when I was 16! WHY have you not included the TV week photo with the arrow, WHY?

  2. Breathe...breathe!!!

    Phew. I was, like, SO in to that journal entry.

    Yes. I used to keep a journal as a kid. I wrote letters to friends - long ones - that I'd then give to them at school. I kept a travel diary on my first o/s trip, and wrote through our trip to Italy in 2005.

    I don't have my journal from school daze anymore - or the one from that first o/s trip either! I think I had a moment of 'this is so embarrassing' and threw it all away. Dammit. How silly.

    Loved it, hon!

    I see you have a pic of Rob Lowe amongst those top pics. I'm reading his autobio at the moment. SO good. And is that John Taylor of Duran Duran? You know he's 'mine' right?

    Just sayin.

  3. Nope. didn't keep diary ever, though am willed my BFF's if she should die first. Cause it could be scry if anyone else got hold of the evidence of our misspent youth (and ours was a little more misspent than yours...)


  4. Oh YES!! I wrote every day from the day after my 16th birthday until I went to college and was partying too hard to be bothered! Just over 2 years and 6 exercise books.

    I LOVE your Johnny Depp story....tooo cool! :)

  5. Haha! Yes I did keep one, very sporadically. Love the term "dicky bogans"...!


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