Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Creative Space

Well *phew*, I've just managed to squeeze this one in before the lovely Kirsty takes a breather and wraps up the My Creative Space meme for a Christmas break. It's a quick post today, really I just wanted to share the final version of Witchy, who is definitely my Witchy of choice, and as it so happens, was the piece selected by my friend to be shipped off to Melbourne.

Bye bye little Witchy and safe travels.

If you would like to catch the last of the creative offerings for 2009, head on over to Kootoyoo and enjoy.


  1. I commented :) Don't goooooooo! Love the pic, esp love the little kidlets in the corner :)

  2. She is beautiful... well for a witch anyway. I love how the colours scream because they are scared...hehe.

    xo Steph

  3. From now on, I shall call you Witchy Woman. Because you are the QUEEN of Witches. And I mean that in the nicest possible way.

    This looks FABULOUS!

    And don't worry about comments. My comments are going down, down, down. I think it's the season. At least, I hope it is. I've had 3 comments today, and one person commented twice. Beat that.

  4. Bern, Jodie, thank-you for indulging me and leaving comments, your checks are in the mail ;) xx

  5. I agree, she is the witch to beat all. I love it!

  6. You are an incredibly talented woman. I love all of your artwork (but especially witchy).

    So, what is the book about? Hmmm?

    tanizeedo - Tania in a striped speedo


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