Monday, October 25, 2010

I Love a Sunburnt Country...

I love Australia. I really do. I spent my youth enjoying living in Victoria and now I am embracing calling Queensland home. To top it all off I adore the mountain, it is my idea of perfection. But part and parcel of living in a semi-tropical environment surrounded by bushland is the creepy, crawly, slithery, web spinning, blood sucking critters who also happen to think that this is a pretty darn fabulous place to lay down their hats and set up a welcome mat.

Last night one of these aforementioned unwelcome intruders did stealthily creep inside our humble abode (well actually it could have been making an incredible ruckus by teeny, tiny standards, but I guess until the cockroaches start speaking English, we'll never really know). And the intruder looked just like this......

In fact, I am certain that this was the exact intruder, so how she managed to get a mug shot on the University of Sydney website, one can only imagine. This little critter, for those of you who are blissfully unaware, is an adult paralysis tick. Nasty, nasty little blighters they are.

As I am still awaiting the crime unit, I don't know exactly how she managed the break and enter, but she may have taken the Fat Cat Express or hitched a ride in on The Coaches baseball cap. Small and cunning, no wonder she is considered one of our greatest adversities on the mountain.

Anyway, to cut a long (they don't call me The Waffler for nothing you know) story short, at exactly 12.17am The Coach came hurtling into the bedroom saying he needed my help. The horrid tick had taken up residency on poor little Petal's face, right between her nose and her left eye.

Being the calm and collected mama that I am, I assessed the situation, grabbed my trusty bottle of Tea Tree Oil, a cotton tip and my pointy tweezers and set about removing the unwelcome invader. Petal went back to sleep with a cold, wet face cloth over her eye and Madam Tick was unceremoniously sent to the rubbish bin. Sorry Madam Tick, but your home invasion days are over.

Today Petal looks as though she went a few rounds with a heavy-weight boxer. She'll be fine but the site will be itchy and sore for at least a few days, if not until the end of the week.

So yeah, I love this country with all of my heart, but if all the ticks, deadly spiders and snakes were to decide to seek greener pastures, it really wouldn't bother me, not one little bit.


  1. Poor Petal! They are nasty things those ticks. Well done for your fast action.

    Hugo had one on his scalp, we were up all night with him as he was so miserable, inconsolable but we couldn't see anything until morning. Luckily he was fine. I find them on my washing sometimes, the clothesline is near a big wattle and I think they live in there.

  2. Yikes, I hate Tick's - poor Petal!

    Last year we went on an outing to Palm Beach in NSW and a day later I discovered my first tick. And then the second...third - all up about 30 of the little buggers! No more long-dress wearing when in Tick beach...err I mean Palm Beach.

    We found a paste of bicarbonate of soda with water, applied and left for five-ten minutes seems to stun the tick and make them easier to remove. But sounds like the tea tree did the trick too!

    Hope Petal is better!

  3. Oh my nasty nasty buggers! hope Petal is feeling much better..

  4. Oh ick....bloody ticks! (Yes, that does kinda rhyme).

    My husband came home from bush walking with one a couple of weeks ago on his hip, that I had to remove!
    Even worse, he gave me one from a bushwalk earlier this year! That's something I'd rather he didn't share!!

    Hope Petal is all better now.

  5. Yuk!! Insects, spiders and creepy crawlies in general freak me out. I don't like the word 'hate' but I hate them!

  6. Horrible! We are quite fortunate in where we live, there are a lesser number of deadly creepies running amok. We do have ticks though. I remember having to do "tick checks" as a child after playing in the woods. Ugh!


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