Sunday, December 5, 2010

And the winner is.....

Drawn under fairly poorly supervised conditions, the winner of my 'thank you for following' giveaway is.....the lovely Ms Cindy from Bugandpop. Yay, hurrah *round of polite applause*. Thank-you to the lovely Peeps that joined in and a big "hello" to the newest additions on the conga line, I do hope you'll stay and play, I hope to be much more forthcoming with rambling little blog posts when the conclusion of the school year dust settles.

In the meantime I hope you are all enjoying dance concerts (oh yes, we will be so much wiser to all that next year and I hear that g&t in a plastic drink bottle is the current beverage of choice for the discerning dance mama), various class presentations (still trying to work out how the Thriller zombie inspired dance performance from Le Artiste fits in with any sort of Christmas theme. Although it must be said that I am probably doing a masterful interpretation of a zombie at the moment, so perhaps those nine year olds are more on the mark then they realise) and gnawing on the hundred or so spare candy canes collecting at the bottom of your children's school bags.

Yep, the countdown has begun and the smell of Christmas is in the air. Do you know that smell ? Part cinnamon and nutmeg and part frantic desperation with a top note of childish glee. It's all Eau De Christmas Peeps, take a nice big lungful and enjoy.


  1. Oh, you have candy canes gathering at the bottom of the garden too? Same here...

  2. Bummer!!
    I mean, congratulations Cindy, you lucky thing! :)

  3. Oh Crap - I totally missed that one.
    And I would have lourved it.
    Perhaps I'll just bust out and buy my own FR's and that book.

    happy days.


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