Monday, December 13, 2010

Ken and the Epiphany : Part Three

"I do appreciate the effort you have gone to Ken, but I'm still dubious about the sequined K and the lack of pants."

"Pins like these just aren't meant to be hidden Batman. Now can we get on with the first lesson, I have a souffle in the oven and Babs just isn't reliable in the kitchen."

" that..."

"OH NO, wait right there Batman, I'll go grab the rubber gloves and some Sugarsoap and I'll have that smudge cleaned off the wall in a jiffy."

"Ah no Ken. That is the Bat Signal. Someone needs our help. You'll have to learn on the job, just follow my lead."

"Uh Ken, you'll find it hard to follow my lead if you keep running in front of me. *Sigh*"

Meanwhile, not too far away......"So I was like OMG, you are so right, I totally can get away with pink leggings. Um Hans, you're like totally missing that spot on my lower back, what sort of massage did you say this was again ?"

"Bwah ha ha ha. Now that I have The Hand under my control and Barbie #648887 in my grasp, I will crush Batman and Casa Del Waffler will be mine....ALL MINE."

"Oh hey Ken, I dig your outfit, nice sequins, have you met Hans my masseuse ?"

"Oh no Batman, it's Barbie #648887, and that Hans looks like no masseuse that I've ever seen, and quite frankly, I have seen one or two masseuses in my time."

"You're right Super K. That's no masseuse, it's The Hand and Evil Big Head Boy. Keep your wits about you, inside that big head is a big evil brain. We could be in for some big trouble."

To be continued.....


  1. Oh. I am lovin' The Hand. The fingers look just the right kind of strength for a massage.

    (Can, I, ah, borrow it when you're done with your tales? KThxBai)

  2. Is it wrong that I find Ken sexually attractive?

  3. I've always thought that Ken was gay

  4. Holy Hand Batman! Super outfit Super K! Have you ever considered a career in fashion design?

    Whatever will become of our daring duo? Zoinks!


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