Monday, May 9, 2011

The Car.

I am a car person. I wouldn't go as far as saying that I am a Rev Head, but I appreciate nice cars, I like sitting in nice cars, I notice nice cars and I daydream about one day owning a nice car. The Coach however views cars as a means from getting from Point A to Point B. He doesn't notice that his dream car has just passed us doing 210 kilometres per hour on the M1. He doesn't sigh wistfully when a commercial for a nice car comes on the telly and he doesn't seem particularly fussed about watching Top Gear. I know right, I am married to a freak of nature.

Although our opinions on cars vary drastically, we do have one thing in common, and that is that we like Nissans. I am driving my third Nissan Pulsar and The Coach is also driving a Nissan Pulsar, we are the Pulsar Poster Family. Sadly though, Nissan decided to stop making Pulsars so I have had to move out of my comfort zone and look at other members of the Nissan family and luckily for all concerned (excluding The Coach) I have fallen in love with the Murano *sigh*.

Yes, the Nissan Murano is my dream car, and I am confident in the knowledge that one day I will be the proud owner of a Nissan Murano. Sure I might be eighty-seven with bad hips and mild blindness in one eye. Sure my driving may be limited to reversing down the driveway at the retirement village before I gun it back up to my front door. Sure, getting in and out of the car with the aid of my motorised cart may take five times longer then the actual drive up and down the driveway. But hey, the Murano will be mine and I will be living the dream.

But just in case some important person from Nissan stumbles across my blog post, whilst muttering to themselves how smart those people from Ford were to get a blogger to test drive and report on one of their vehicles for a period of twelve months, *ahem* and realises with a blinding flash of light from the bulb above their head that I would be more than happy to test drive one of their own bad boys for twelve months. Well, I have an extensive list of new rules for my perfect dream car which I am sure will make my children and husband jump for joy :

Rules for Mum's Dream Car

Shoes will be replaced with soft Jiffies before entering vehicle

Drinks will not be consumed in vehicle

Food items will not be eaten in vehicle unless they are NASA approved space meals in a tube

All unidentified sticky residue will be scrubbed from hands before entering vehicle

Le Artiste will either sit inside a garbage bag after footy training or he will return home in Dad's vehicle aka The Old Smelly Car.

Petal, writing messages on the misty windows will be forbidden, no matter how much you love Josh/Tim/Jordan/Jack etc.

Vehicle will not be taken out if it is raining/hailing or snowing (you just never know)

Vehicle will not be taken out if it is overly dry/dusty or windy

Vehicle will be parked at the furthest corner of the shopping centre car park where no other cars park...ever

Cut lunch taken to eat whilst trekking from furthest corner of shopping centre car park to shops will not be consumed until everyone is out of the vehicle

If any of the above rules are broken. Household member will be forced to ride a bicycle at a safe distance behind vehicle for all future expeditions.

Disclaimer - Neither myself nor The Coach works for or is in any way affiliated with Nissan. I mean obviously if we were, I would already be driving a Murano wouldn't I. I have not received any form of payment from Nissan for writing this post, but if they would like to send me a Murano, I wouldn't say no. We really do just genuinely like Nissans.


  1. We are Toyota people (hey - Lexus counts as Toyota, doesn't it?). My first true love was my brand new fully imported V6 Camry back in the 1980's. Yes, the 80's. She lasted nearly 20 years and was responsible for moving my mother with a serious T11 fracture 800 klms north with no serious pain relief. We had packed the panadeine forte but it was not required due to the soft, gentle ride of my gorgeous grey beast.

    She died halfway up a notorious mountain road a few years later (and 280,000 klms on the clock. But it was that damn road that broke her). That was when the Lexus moved in (not new of course).

    Now we are on our 2nd Prado. Yes, we are a two car family. Must say the new models are pretty spiffy. No longer a grrr-brmmm toughen the f up 4WD... More a ooh look, let's go for a country run this weekend 4WD. Lots of bells and whistles. Kids are impressed.

    Oh, sorry, this was your Nissan love post, wasn't it. Woops. Yeah, um. Not a Nissan person.

  2. Oh MM, what are you doing ? I am trying to spread a little Nissan love. But as it has been about five minutes since I put up the post, and I am yet to hear a new Murano pull into my driveway I shall let you share your Toyota love :)

  3. I have relatives over here in Swissy who LOVE their Nissan. Hmmm, It looks a lot like the same one in your photo, not sure if it's exactly that one. I am more a fan of old cars for the love factor (our current car is just for the practicality, not so pretty), although I totally understand the luxury of a fancy new car with all the bells and whistles.

  4. Well see, if *they* let you have a new Nissan Murano then all of the captive audience who see you irl could peruse it and maybe change our allegiance! Hmmm? Nissan peoples? Captive MARKET...

  5. Keep pushing MM, keep pushing :)

  6. If Nissan don't send you a car after this post, then shame on them. Shame!

  7. Ha! When we got our last car (we are a one car family) though it was used, it was still the nicest car I have ever owned. I put into play the very same rules you have listed. Oh it was a glorious 2 months of pristine new used car heaven. Now I find myself apologizing to any unsuspecting passengers for the state of my vehicle. Sigh.

  8. So, where for art thou Nissan?

    Now, if it was a Toyota you were coveting... Well, just sayin'.


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