Sunday, October 11, 2009

Well dang, that rain dance really did work.

So it's all grey skies and bursting black rain clouds at Casa del Waffler today, and we couldn't be happier. Water in the tank (yes kids, we might just squeeze in a couple more showers) and large delicious water droplets thirstily devoured by the parched garden. Phew, after a week of guests, the rain has arrived at exactly the right time. Thank-you weather faeries, we shall sing your praise around the dinner table this evening...or maybe not...but thanks either way.

There's nothing like a rainy day to inspire an afternoon of creative activity. Sketches to finish, sketches to start, a paper bag full of wooden Dolly Pegs who are no doubt clamouring for wee faces and a totes fab fashion ensemble.

Decisions, decisions. I hope you are having yourself a relaxing and inspiring Sunday. Kick back, grab yourself a cuppa and enjoy the rain strumming on the tin roof (or at least use your imagination if the raindrops elude you).

At 9.30 last night I decided another Dolly Peg was in order. A Dolly Peg Dude this time. What possesses a person of reasonable mental state to pull out the teeniest, tiniest paintbrush in the world and start painting late in the evening ? Another of lifes great mysteries I suppose.


  1. Enjoy the rain, we're having a sunny one today which makes a nice change. Those dolly pegs are gorgeous!

  2. great dolly pegs! very sweet. and lovely illustrations.

  3. We've had heaps of rain until today and more coming this week. Full tanks and a running stream, love it. I adore that dolly peg dude. Don't question the mystery of life, what ever you are doing it's working.

  4. Cute dude! I would be happy to send some rain from here to you, by the way. We have lots of it. Would be lovely to actually see the sky again instead of that grey mass ;-)

  5. Thanks for coming by my blog - and I love this fella - what a man! Great work on a peg is a winner...


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