Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's time to get extreme.

Today has been a big day at Chez Waffler, no, scrap that, today has been a HUGE day. Today my wee little Petal spread her wings and flew straight out of the nest and into a Prep class, her first day of full time school.

Le Artiste commenced Year Four but with the calm, cool demeanor of a seasoned pro. Well he is eight you know.

But there have been no tears, just smiles, old friends, new friends and the promise of lots of activities to keep their hungry little minds busy. All in all an excellent start to the new school year.

So this all got me to thinking, what lies ahead for Mama Waffler ? Well how about some extreme sports ? Now you may be forgiven for thinking, gosh Waffles, that's a little...urm...extreme don't you think ? But let me fill you in on a little detail that most of you don't already know. Back when Le Artiste was about two years old and Petal hadn't yet arrived on the scene, I decided that I was in a bit of a rut. I thought that I should try something new and challenging. Knitting ? I hear you suggest. Perhaps a spot of pottery ? What about painting your toenails red instead of pink ? Well yes, all good and valid suggestions, but no, I decided to take up rock climbing.

Why rock climbing ? I don't really know, I just thought that it looked like fun. Surely you've thought the same whilst watching a person dangling by their fingernails from the edge of a cliff.

Anyhoo, off I tootled to the indoor rock climbing centre, booked myself in for private lessons with a fairly easy on the eye instructor (ah yes, I am a mother but I most certainly am not blind), and began scaling rock walls. Yes I'll be the first to admit that as I hung from a rock wall which was parallel to the floor, with my instructors hands on my derriere, I did take a minute to wonder what on earth I was doing. But overall I really enjoyed the experience (no, not JUST the instructors hands on my derriere) and had a fabulous day when we finally went on an outdoor climb. Even the abseiling was fun.

So, now that I can cross rock climbing off the list I have found some other prospective sports which I am sure are just perfect for a 30 *ahem* something mother of two.

Base Jumping - Putting on my Super Girl costume and leaping off a tall building, praying that I remembered to put the parachute on under my cape.

Cliff Jumping - Putting on swimmers....oh...hang on...swimmers ? No scrap that one, anything that involves swim wear is waaaay too out there.

Free Running - Umm, running, freely, kind of, I think, with the odd back flip off a building and some monkey climbing that would make Donkey Kong proud.

Ice Climbing - Just like a rock, only icy.

Kitesurfing - Balancing on a board and flying an enormous kite whilst jumping over waves and dodging sharks, stingrays and deadly jelly fish...oh oops, swimmers again, no good.

Sand boarding - Balancing on a board and flying down sand dunes whilst avoiding sunstroke, scorpions, snakes and the odd camel.

Snow Kiting - See Kitesurfing, except colder due to the, ah, snow. The plus side for snow kiting over kitesurfing, no swim wear, unless you are crazy extreme and possibly a little bit deranged.

Now how on earth one decides between such fabulous options I just don't know, perhaps I'll go and have a little hit of Wii virtual golf whilst I mull it over. Extreme ? You bet I am.


  1. Well, I dunno - you're just too darn precious and I want to wrap you up in cotton wool and keep you at your desk where you can entertain us with your musings.

    Besides - why not start an "extreme-blogging" kinda thing? I'm thinking finding places, like, cliff tops, to type your posts.

    But if that doesn't suffice, the only thing above you'd catch me daring myself to do is...well, actually, there's nothing above I'd do because I'm a scaredy cat.

    Sorry. I'm obviously no help at all.

    PS - I love indoor rock climbing. I haven't done anything major. Only the easy-peasy ones. FUN!

  2. Ah, yes, I can see it now. Wii Extreme Sports!!! Extreme fun, without the extreme-ness...could work, no?

  3. The only extreme sports I'm interested in at the moment are extreme bathing, followed by a touch of extreme eating. Then perhaps extreme sleeping.
    But go for it adventure girl!!!

  4. I guess crocheting won't cut it.

    But seriously no extreme sports for you my lady - you get painting!!!!

  5. I would be extreme sleeping. In fact, I would get so good at it, I would represent my country. :) Hope you find your nirvana. I hear there's a good schnapps factory up near where you live hahaha

  6. You could be the next Lara Croft!

    I admire you, the only extreme thing I've ever done is put the treadmill up to the highest incline and even then I got dizzy.

  7. Well now, so many choices but, which is the choicest? I myself, would steer clear of anything that could end in a giant SPLAT! So, any of the jumping thingers seem, um well...splaty. I have always wanted to surf but, then again there's that pesky swimmers issue. I see you did not mention motor cross or the luge, hang gliding or para sailing...
    Actually, I have been considering gorilla crochet, yes, that is right up my alley!

  8. Ah love it! I've always wanted to try hang-gliding myself :) And hey, if you start off tandem, you never know, your instructor could be easy on the eye again (always helps the motivation) :)

    Thanks for the comment on my blog - not I'm not sad, just loving the joy that red brings :)

  9. Rock climbing? Wow I am in awe ... all that height and everything ... and voluntarily too? Way too scary methinks!

    I am sticking firmly to climbing the walls. For this, I need do nothing except stay at home with my two children for the school holidays. (Now that's extreme!)

  10. hey lovely Ms W, hope all is well, just thinking of you & wanted to send you a hello.
    hugs ♥

  11. Congratulations mama - nice job getting your 2 happy babes off to school and having a great time already. I expect you to tick off one sport a week - shouldn't be a problem - no?

  12. A while back i was feeling somewhat rutted as well so I jumped out of an aeroplane. It was fun, but I don't think I'll do it again.
    I tried rock climbing too, but freaked out a bit when I got to the top.
    Not sure what's next for me and my rut. Might have to work my way through your list.


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