Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Year. New Look.

Well hello Bloggersphere and welcome to the fine old year of 2010.

Were you watching the days drift by and wondering if perhaps Waffles had been abducted by aliens or fallen into such a deep hole at the beach that she really had miraculously ended up in China ? Had such occurrences taken place I would gladly and with much enthusiasm regale you with my enthralling tales, but the truth is far more sedate I'm afraid.

I've been sticking my fingers in my ears and shouting "La la la, I can't hear you," when the kiddies games have turned from fun and frivolity to stir crazy, wet weather housebound chaos.

I have learned that The Wee One likes me best when he can use the tops of my legs as a human springboard. Who knew I was so bouncy ?

I have discovered I am surprisingly adept at a Wii character. And a dab hand at archery. And don't even get me started on my ice-skating routines, it's amazing how good you can be when you don't have to use your legs. Although I have a sneaky suspicion that punching the air and hollering "Cop that," when I beat my children may possibly not be setting the best of examples about winning graciously and keeping ones ego in check.

I've been reading, books, ahh yes, the simple pleasures that were taken for granted pre-children.

I've been enjoying the company of my relatives whilst lamenting that the weather faeries picked now of all times to shroud us in clouds and drench us in rain. It's always the way, is it not ?

And I thought it would be nice to give the little blog space an overhaul, a fresh start for the new year and my looming 100th blog post. One hundred posts, goodness me, it feels like only yesterday that I was setting up shop and greeting you all for the first time.

Anyways, Petal has come over and is presenting a perfect demonstration of circular breathing whilst talking, fascinating to behold but rather distracting when one is attempting to string together a sentence or two.

Until next time Peeps, may your shoes be sparkly and your Barbie not lose her hair.


  1. PRETTY BLOG!! And nice to hear you have been relaxing and reading and wii-ing.... (<--is that how the verb of wii is spelt?)

  2. Wii-ing, tee hee, I know, I'm so juvenile ;)

  3. is that normal snowboarding or snowboard cross? and I strike a pretty mean figure on the ice too {cool isn't it ~ I wouldn't be able to stand up on reeaaal ice!}
    {and you're not the only mama regaling tales of gold medals and championships in front of le children ~ although they ski better than me!}

  4. Hehe, my favourite outburst after beating my 5yo on the Wii is "Woohoo....Mummy is good!!!"
    Love the new look. :)

  5. Love the fresh new look :-) Here's to 2010 and all it may hold x

  6. Oh, well thank GOD you're back! I was very concerned you were in China actually, and I was very worried about that because I speak no Mandarin, Cantonese, Wu or Min. It would have been a Tweeting DISASTER.

    And my, doesn't the blog look so fancy schmancy (my fave saying at the moment)? I'm feeling slightly inadequate though, as I seem to be the only person who has NOT updated their blog look.

    But anyways, pushing that aside is easy because you're here. And I'm looking forward to reading your superb posts again this year. Including the continuing story of the white rabbit.

    Thought I'd forgotten, didn't you?

  7. Ha ha Jodie, funnily enough I had entertained the thought of starting the New Year with the final installment of the white rabbit, but my brain is still in a post-Christmas mush phase so I will work on mastering the English language before I attempt to finish the tale ;)

  8. I love the new look blog, mine has long needed a face lift, perhaps I should give her a burst of love soon. I am glad that Chrissy was a good one and looking frward to having your smiley face back around these parts

  9. Would just like to say a BIG CONGRATULATIONS for reaching the 100 Blog Milestone! Here's to the next 100!!! Taryn xx

  10. your new look is amazing, you KNOW i have a thing for birds.....


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