Sunday, March 14, 2010

By jove this kid can talk.

This morning Petal has been sitting at the breakfast table for forty-five minutes. You may think this is because I have served her seven eggs, twelve rashers of bacon, four tomatoes and fourteen slices of toast, but no, forty-five minutes is the period required for Petal to consume one lonely, solitary little piece of toast, oh, and a glass of juice, but the juice took approximately two minutes.

The reason Petal takes so long at the the table is that she likes to talk, actually saying that she likes to talk is like saying that Garfield likes lasagna, a serious understatement if ever there was one. She doesn't just like to talk, she LOVES to talk, and this kid could talk for Queensland, in fact I would go as far as saying I think she could talk for out Nations of the world.

Perhaps you think that I'm exaggerating, so let me share this mornings conversation with you.

*munch munch* "Mummy I know how to sing Hot Cross Buns *insert full rendition of Hot Cross Buns*, I can also sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star *insert full rendition of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star*, how does Santa know if we've been good can he see us all the time ? Is Santa outside in a tree ? What about in space ? Is Santa in space ? He must be magic I would like to be in space can I go in to space mummy ? Mummy I know the actions for the Macarena *insert humming of The Macarena WITH actions* Is tomorrow a school day ? I like school days because I get to play with play doh and do stuff I like to do stuff. *munch* What's inside ice ? Is it crystals ? *insert mummy explaining where ice comes from* But does it come from a shop an ice shop ? You can't draw on it you know but it's very nice I like ice especially in my juice but it's very cold and crunchy "*giggle giggle*.....and so it goes on.....

Now I have to confess this is merely a snippet of the rather one sided conversation taking place at the breakfast table and to be perfectly honest, I can't remember what else she mentioned because the topics change at break neck speed and I haven't had a coffee yet. I struggle to keep up at the best of times which is saying something because you'll be extraordinarily surprised to learn that I, myself, am a rather accomplished talker. But it does make me pause for a moment to ponder what may come. I am a talker, my daughter is a turbo what would this make my grand-daughter ? Eek, I think I feel a little headache coming on.


  1. I bet there is a lot of "Mmm and ahemm's" going on. She sounds incredibly cute. My 3yo is just very loud to my ears. I wish he would sit still in one place for 45 minutes. K, have to go drop my talker off to her friends house. She is currently talking directly at my face even though I am clearly doing something. In fact I just said "If you stop talking at me, I will finish quicker and we can go" after she was yabbering on about hiring out valentines Day when it comes out on video and then started talking about which wii apparatus to take with her to her friends. It never ends. :)

  2. hahhhaaaa, that's why it is the waffler household!!
    you would not want her any other way, she is cuteness & entertainment all in a little package.

  3. Aaahhhh! Bless all the little motor-mouths of the world, we have one residing at ours too!
    : D

  4. Too cute! Her talking skills will be of use one day:)
    And I love the picture of the barbies.

  5. Oh yes, hand up, we have one of those, too. Never.stops.talking!!! Unless he's asleep.

    Great post! Too cute! :)

  6. Oh I love it! I'm told that I was one of those (still LOVE to talk of course), and suspect that I may have a little one in training if all the babbling is anything to go by :)

  7. Gorgeous! Of course, it's always more gorgeous when it's someone *elses* child doing the talking.

    This is my 3yo. Add to that, he gets up every 2 minutes to play with something or do something, and I have to constantly tell him to "sit down" and eat his breakfast! Agh.

    God love 'em.

  8. Tee Hee. Very sweet. And you could always claim grandmotherly hearing impairment and find some discreet ear plugs...

  9. You have a blog award waiting for you!


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