Saturday, March 6, 2010

The mama roared her terrible roar and ganached her terrible teeth.

Obviously I was getting cocky. Ganache, no problemo, I could whip up a batch in my sleep. Sure I'd learnt that a milk chocolate ganche took longer to set to a spreadable consistency then a pure dark chocolate ganache, but would a white chocolate ganche be any trickier ? Pfffff nah, thought I.

I also had a stroke of baking visionary genius, imagine it, a white chocolate ganache sneakily hiding a rich, moist dark and milk chocolate cake. My how pretty it would look with it's classic brown and cream tones, perched delicately on a butter plate.

Yes, well, lets just say that at 11pm the night before Petal's 5th birthday party, my vision dissolved in a glob of runny white chocolate and cream *ahem* ganache. After almost five hours my ganache still wasn't firming up. The Coach was helpfully suggesting that I "bung it in the fridge for a bit," as I tore out my hair, rolled my eyes and muttered "The fridge ? Butter and cream and chocolate, silly man, pfffft."

Well it was getting late, I was growing more tired and emotional by the second, and in an act of desperation, I simply decided to bung my soft, slightly runny (but devilishly tasty, if I don't say so myself) ganache on to the cake. As you can see from the photo, the end result wasn't quite the heavenly vision I had started out with, but with sheer determination, considerable cursing and one or two finger licking moments, I think it all ended up okay. And as we all know, when your ganache doesn't work out quite so perfectly, there are always silver flakes and sparkling cachous to sprinkle all over the top as an excellent distraction. Oh, and butterflies, butterflies work a treat.

Then this week we have been submerged back in to the clouds. All week, nothing but rain and grey skies. The message is clear folks....

We must poach, poach pears in a vanilla bean and lemon syrup. Then we will take our poached pears and a punnet of delectable fresh raspberries and we will bake a sour cream, pear and raspberry cake with absolutely, NOT ONE SINGLE DOLLOP OF GANACHE ON TOP. Has it got me beat ? Not at all. I'm already thinking about that batch of white chocolate cupcakes I'm going to make in the coming weeks...mmmm, yum.


  1. I'm in the car, be there in five, lol...

    No, in all truth here I sit wondering which packet mix to open and cook...

  2. I'll have a slice of both thanks :o)
    Don't be too hard on yourself, Miss 5 will love her cake.

  3. I don't know what white chocolate is. I mean, how can it be chocolate if it isn't brown. Is it made from albino cocoa? IT DOES NOT MAKE SENSE.

    Admittedly, it is delicious.

  4. ohh, ohh, I have done it before aswell, white chocolate is a funny thing.
    ratio for dark chocolate is probably 2:1 whereas white chocolate..hmmm, it's a whole different consistency. Less cream is the way to go sometimes.
    butterflies & silver cachous make EVERYTHING nice :)

  5. Excellent point NDM, white chocolate is an enigma wrapped in a riddle, packaged in a piece of paper that claims it is chocolate.

  6. It is very pretty!! Did you save me a piece?? :)

  7. God this makes me hungry. 9:39 in the morning and I have had a double shot coffee. All I need now is some butterfly white chocolate ganache to make my morning complete. :)

  8. your cake looks gorgeous. tomorrow i shall cook :) thank you x

  9. Now I'm feeling like a little late night, watching the Oscars kind of snack.

    If only I could press a button and OUT would pop one of these....

    Well done you! x

  10. ooh that sounds delicious. poached pears in vanilla and then baked into a cake with raspberries and sour cream. i am practically drooling! do you have a recipe you can share with us??

  11. Yes, and I shall Megan. It was really, really unhealthy and absolutely delicious :) I will post the recipe soon.

  12. Ah, it looks divine. We are in "about to turn 5 any minute" mode over here. I did a test run on the cake recipe so I know what I'm getting into. Now, I just need to create and attach some rainbow wings to a pinata and we will just about be set!

  13. Hey Waffle mama... Cake looks beautimous.
    I have received my GORGEOUS little pirate man.
    Will find a special spot for him in the boy's room.
    Many thanks!
    Have a happy day..
    xx Amy
    P.S. Pears coming out our ears - poaching sounds yummo.

  14. Cake looks fantastic! Well saved. And those pears look delish. Love a poached pear I do.

    I find white chocolate hard to work with too, it seizes so easily. But I have found that cadbury's dream white chocolate the best to work with. It has a higher cacao butter % than most.



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