Saturday, November 20, 2010

Big Love from the Waffler.

So you've got a fancy schmancy luncheon organised with the girls, it's not at The Ritz, but you're leaving the warmth and security of your bear cave, so you've frocked up and made yourself feel perty. As you walk past the window you see a small dog fly by, hmmm, seems it's a little gusty in the great outdoors, sure is lucky you don't need to use your private chopper or you would have had to pop some air sickness pills. You grab your bag, you do a quick final check in the mirror, hair, behaving, lip gloss, a shiny, shimmering pool. Perfect. You step out the front door and BAM, a gust of wind sends your perfectly coiffed do straight onto your shiny lips. One second you were the shizzle, the next, Cousin Its long lost love. We've all been there Peeps, and nothing says glam like hair matted together in shiny glossed chunks, not to mention shimmery snail trails of lip gloss that have ended up all over your cheeks as you have tried to peel off the strands of hair stuck to your face. Fabulous.

That's what brings me to these little beauties. Lancome Star Bronzer Glossy Lip Nectar. This product gets some serious Big Love from the Waffler. I'm not sure exactly how long these lip nectars have been on the market, but I have been addicted ever since my first purchase. I have all the colours (ah, yes, all three, sometimes I just go crazy I tells ya) and I always have at least one in my handbag.

What I love about the lip nectar (aside from the bronze gold flecked tones) is that there is absolutely no stickiness, just a lovely, shimmery sheen. It's a perfect everyday gloss with each of the colours leaving a natural, subtle shine on your lips. What's not to love about that hey Peeps ?

Now although this has absolutely nothing to do with lip gloss, I just wanted to say that I might seem a little all over the place with my blog posts at the moment. I am trying to work out exactly where my little blog fits in, which is why you may find me talking about cats one minute, and lip gloss the next. Just roll with me okay. Think of it like a lucky dip, you just never know what you'll find.

Disclaimer : I am in no way affiliated with Lancome. These are products I have purchased and I am endorsing them because I think they are great. That is all.


  1. Have I ever mentioned I covet your brows? No? Well I do.

  2. Aww, thanks MM, it's know all the pain yields results :)

  3. Urgh, I meant "it's NICE to know all the pain yields results."

  4. I used to be addicted to those! They are v good.
    I've gone all Organic on myself and not bought one for a long time.
    Love the snail trail analogy.

    xx Happy Sunday.

  5. *insert wolf-whistle here
    Thanks for the mascara tip too. Am long time fan of Lancome foundation. This lipgloss sounds like me too, gonna go get me some, yeahhhh!

  6. I love the lucky dip that your blog is! :)

  7. I am the same.... No idea where my blog fits either. So let's not care together and just keep blogging ok? Xo


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