Wednesday, November 10, 2010

How Now Brown Brow.

Due to an overwhelming response on Twitter (a big shout out to all four of you) and my irrepressible desire to impart wisdom like a a wisened guru on a mountain top (well, I've got the mountain top part covered), today we are going to talk eye brows.

I don't mean to imply that I am an expert in the field of brows, but I have been rather obsessed with creating the perfect brow shape ever since I was old enough to to wield a pair of tweezers. I also notice beautiful brows and it never ceases to amaze me the difference well groomed brows make. Even if make-up isn't really your thing, taming unruly brows will instantly open your eyes (especially when you're plucking the hairs, but we both know that's not what I'm talking about here, don't we) and give you a more polished look. Yes, it takes a little effort, but gals, there's nothing sexy about having a couple of caterpillars scurrying across your forehead.

The first step in brow management is working out exactly where the lines should start, finish and arch. The easiest way to do this is to take a thin handled make-up brush (like the pink, fine point Kroylan # 0 pictured below) and position it so that the handle creates a line starting at the edge of your nostril (not IN your nostril...ewww) and goes straight up to your hairline. This is the where your eyebrow should start (all together now, mono brow, mono brow, be gone). Then angle the brush so that it lines up with the outer edge of your eye. This is where your eyebrow should finish. Lastly, angle the brush so that the line runs just off centre of your iris, this should give you your arch point. Keep in mind that all of these lines are just a guide and if you're really uncertain about jumping in headfirst with a pair a tweezers and a sense of wild abandon, then go and visit a professional who can start you off with the perfect shape that you can maintain.
Right, now that we have got our shape worked out, we need to look at tools. It's all about the tools Peeps. These are my eyebrow taming essentials : Super Goop (this is a hair gel that is cyclone proof and I just love it, a gloop of goop and my brows are super glued into submission). An eyelash/brow comb. A fine tip brush. A pair of flat end tweezers and an ultra cheapo, very soft, brown eye pencil (I have tried the harder lead eyebrow pencils, but found them more difficult to work with. I also found that powders gave me less control and precision, but that's just me)

Okay, now that you have all the tools we can begin. You take a tiny gloop of goop (really, less is more with this stuff), pop it on the brush end of your brow/lash comb and apply it from the roots of your eyebrow hairs toward your hairline. Then you can wipe off any excess goop on your brush (don't start going all Goop crazy) and gently brush the hairs into the shape you desire. Once you are happy with the overall shape (don't sweat any small gaps) you take your soft pencil, colour a big blobby circle on the back of your hand and use the brush to apply the pencil into any gaps. If you have a super steady hand, you can apply the pencil directly, but be warned, this can sometimes lead to 'scary grandma brows' which are all pencil, no hair, eek.

Anyway, it's not really rocket science, but I hope this might help some of you wondering how to tackle the fearsome hairy beasts. As with most things, it may involve some trial and error. You may prefer an actual eyebrow gel with a more flexible finish, you may like a touch of eyebrow powder at the end for a softer finish. Just remember gals, those nicely coiffed ladies standing at the cosmetic counters aren't just for show, go and ask them for advice, it's their job and they, more then anyone, understand the battle of the brow.


  1. Your brows are utterly perfect. I simply don't have the hand-eye coordination to get mine like that, so get someone talented to do it for me. Wanna move in with me and be that talented someone? You're MUCH better than she is!!

    I do try and maintain between pro visits, though, so would appreciate any suggestions on best brands / types of tweezers to use. I've tried expensive, cheap and everything in between and they're all CRAP!

    (or I suppose it could be me...)

  2. Me commenting Take 2 (Blogger ate my first one)

    1. Your brows are utterly perfect.
    2. Mine are crap
    3. I pay someone to fix mine
    4. You're better than she is by a country mile
    5. You are going to have to move in with me and be my offical eyebrow guru

    Can you recommend a good brand / style of tweezers? I do try and maintain mine in between threading, but all tweezers I have tried are crap. Or I am. I think I know which one it is, too... *sigh*

  3. Hee hee Sparkly, I know you did two comments by accident, but since they both made me laugh, I published them both :)The tweezers I use are not any whiz bang brand just flat tipped, but I will investigate tweezer brands further for you. x

  4. Thanks for the tip (both the RT from Sparkly) and the one from you.

    This will help me in trying to make them both even!

  5. You have great eyebrows! i use hairspray lol

  6. perhaps if I spent more time in front of the mirror and less time in front of the computer screen???
    I think I need some of that goop!

  7. you are just stunning!!!
    I think we need to book you for beauty consultations ♥

  8. You are quite a fine thing! I just read this ... I can't believe I did because I'm lucky if I brush my teeth in the morning!

    That was a very helpful and amusing tutorial and now I'm going to have a look at my eyebrows in the mirror! And draw those three lines from my nose to my forehead and I'll look much better!

  9. What simply perfect eyebrows you have! Thank you for the tutorial, the rules are as I thought they'd be - where eyebrows should start, curve and end. The problem I'm having, is now that the years are advancing (ahem...), my eyebrows aren't playing by the rules you've so kindly highlighted and simply refuse to sprout. So, I pose a further question to you and your dear readers - what does one do, when your eyebrows start to disappear? Do you draw them in? Do you ignore the problem and hope that others don't notice? What if the drawn eyebrows smudge, will they look even sillier than short-ish eyebrows? Should I consider a long fringe to cover the eyebrows up? So many questions...what will the solution be??
    Ps. Oh, and just like Mummahh above, I use hairspray to keep them firmly in place ;-) Actually, many years ago, I would use hairspray to keep them in place. These days I'd be lucky to have hairspray in the house...

  10. Hmm, a tricky question to be sure Adriana. I would recommend using a lighter brown pencil with the brush. That way you can have more control over the lines and add subtle colour to build the eyebrow area. I don't find a problem with the pencil smudging if applied sparingly with a brush. Hope that helps.

  11. Aha! I think that's the trick: to apply the brow pencil with a brush! Will definitely try that, as I now own a brow pencil AND a brush. Oh the indignity of it all - first it was the grey hair, and now the disappearing eyebrows - what next, wrinkles?! >.<

  12. Woohoo!! This is the guide I need! I left my favourite beautician and eyebrow artist (she was freaking awesome) behind in Melbourne and now I am rapidly running into catepillar territory. Thank you Tara! Where were you with these tips in 89? Actually in 89, it would have been all about brushing up what we had to make it look even crazier. xx

  13. Can I just come and have you do it? I only had my first ever eyebrow wax about 6 months ago. Now they are indeed the very hungry caterpillars reincarnated.

  14. Me and my caterpillars thank you...
    Oh who am I kidding, the caterpillars are staying put, they are like family.


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