Saturday, November 27, 2010

This Saturday I'm grateful for......

This Saturday I am grateful for getting a night out with The Coach. In case you didn't know, my mother-in-law is visiting at the moment, and she has kindly offered to babysit......BABYSIT.....we never have anyone offer to babysit, this may be due in large part to the fact that ALL our family lives in Victoria, but hey, it's only a two hour plane trip people.

Anyway, I'm rather buzzy with anticipation, not only are we heading out for dinner, we are venturing...wait for it...OFF MOUNTAIN. Woo to the Hoo Peeps. We are going to drive down the long road lined with palm trees, down to greet the sea breeze, and for a few hours, we can pretend we are on holidays, just like everyone else. Call it a mini-holiday if you will (with an emphasis on the word 'mini').

Yes, today I am grateful for the little things, but sometimes it is the little things that make a really big difference.


  1. Oh thats great that your getting a night out!!
    babysiters are so hard to come by! mine family lives in Sydney too so when my mum is up i jump at the chance to go out to dinner, or a movie, maybe next time it will be the club ;)

    Enjoy it hun

  2. We had my MIL here recently too - and we went out a few times during her stay! It's hard not having family around. I'm always quite jealous about those who can ask family to babysit whenever they need them.

    Cest la vie and all that. ;) xxx

  3. Yah hoo hope you are having a wonderful evening.
    We had my SIL & BIL offer to babysit (my MIL is a tad too old for me to trust her alone & my kids to behave).

  4. Oh you lucky duck, enjoy! Our Little Bean is addicted to breastfeeding (such a boy!) and rejects bottles of any sort. So for now, we go everywhere en duo.

  5. I hope you had a wonderful time, and yes the little things are often the most precious x

  6. Oooh I hear you! Nobody ever offers to babysit for us either, it's extremely rare for us to get out. And our family live in Vic too... but *cough* umm so do we. I hope you enjoyed your night out!

  7. Hip, hip, hooray for a mini holiday! I hope you and the coach had a grand time!


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