Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dinner Time.

"Do you know that guy mum ?"

"The actor from the movie ?"

"Yes, him, I think I'm going to look just like him when I grow up."

"Really ? Just like Zac Efron ? That would be impressive." (And as about as likely as you turning into a werewolf when there's a full moon, but dream big little man)

"Yes and I'm going to sing just like him. I'm a really good singer."

"Are you ?"

"Hmm mmm."


"Yes Petal,"

*High pitched squeals*

"I'm a really good singer too, see ?"

"Umm yes, but you will probably be better without a mouthful of minestrone."

"Mum, I want to grow my hair long and let it hang over one eye. That would be cool."

"Ooooooh that's stuuuuuuupid, you won't be able to see, will he mama ? That's so dumb."

"You're dumb,"

"Am not, you're dumber."

"Muuuum, she just called me dumber and I could so see, out of my other eye, see."

*demonstrates by covering one eye and enthusiastically rolling the other eye*

*Roar of laughter* (that's Petal) "You're a pirate," *hic**hic**hic* "mama *hic* I've got the *hic* hiccups *hic*"

"Yes I can see that sweetheart, try not to choke on a butterbean,"

*snort* *guffaw* (that's Le Artiste) *fine spray of minestrone across the dining table*

*hic* *giggle* *sigh*

Just your average night around the dinner table at Casa Del Waffler, we've a few spare seats if you would like to join us one evening, it's a riot, just ask the children.


  1. I think I would like to join you at your dinner table - I'd even risk a minestrone spray! Sounds like fun

  2. Oh do come and play, byo raincoat, rain hat and gumboots (the spray is difficult to predict.)Goggles optional :)


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