Thursday, July 23, 2009

Underutilised Inventions

I believe that there are some very clever people in this world. They invent useful things designed to ease your workload and improve the quality of your life. Yes, they do.

Of course you may have also come across an invention that made you scratch you head and say "Urm, yes, I suppose that could come in handy, if I ever find myself stranded at short notice in the Kalahari desert holding a biodegradable shopping bag containing nothing more than a piece of string and a paper aeroplane." But you can't win them all.

There are other inventions which really are very useful, or, could be very useful if you ever thought to use them. The one that leaps straight to my mind is the humble toilet seat cover. Have you ever noticed it ? It's that big round lid piece that generally rests up against the cistern (yes, I do own a do-it-yourself plumbing guide and I am totally up with the professional lingo).

Funnily enough, it was my grandmother who bought the cover to my attention (bald patches and toilet seat lids, she has eyes like an eagle I tell you). She mused over the fact that we all had covers and yet most of us didn't use them, weird huh ? And now that I've shared this quirky little observation with you, I just bet you won't be able to pass a toilet cubicle without glancing inside to see if the lid is open or closed.

And just for the record, so you're not kept awake at night wondering does she or doesn't she, I tend to leave the lid up because I think it looks strange when it's down. Doesn't make any sense at all, does it ?

Nominations for the most Underutilised Invention of All Times ? My vote goes to the toilet seat lid. What would you vote for ?

Additional note : Thanks to Angela and numberchic I have been informed that the toilet lid does in actual fact have a hygienic purpose. I would like to formally amend the record to show that the Waffler house will be revising the toilet lid policy from 'open' to 'closed'. Thanks ladies.


  1. the theory is when you flush the toilet a fine spray of toilet water and other "stuff" goes into the air - put the lid down before you flush and it's contained.

  2. Definitely closed. I heard Dr Karl saying once that (if your toilet is in the bathroom) your toothbrush has little tiny particles of poo on it that fly up into the air when you flush. Eeuuwwwww! Mine is always closed now.

    Underutilised inventions? Andy's lawn mower,
    Andy's rake, Andy's secateurs, Andy's good shoes :)

  3. Ewwwww, thanks girls, I'm sufficiently grossed out now. I shall run into the bathroom and knock the lid down with my foot. This may now move the toilet seat lid into the Best Invention of All Times category :)


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