Monday, July 20, 2009

Fold a piece of paper, how hard can it be ?

Le Artiste and I went on a very pleasant little shopping expedition yesterday. We picked up all sorts of bargains, including two fabulous little crafty packs of origami for kids. Origami, excellent idea don't you think ? Really it's got to be pretty simple, there's an instruction booklet, lines marked out on the pre-coloured bits of paper, childs play no ? The box stated that it was suitable for children aged'm not sure where they found these seven year olds who could manipulate a piece of paper into a prehistoric creation, but I'd sure like to meet them and shake their hands. Here's what happened when two 30something year old adults had a go :

Now this was a dinosaur that had been prepared earlier. I'm not sure if it was meant to be inspirational or just a cruel taunt to prove that we were obviously idiots and it was perfectly easy to make a dinosaur, see, here's one to prove it.

This was my best effort after two hours and considerable cursing.

And this is what a lovely origami bird should look like, so easy, anyone could do it.

And here is a parrot that The Coach whipped up. It's super don't you think ?

Suffice to say we will not be entering the World Origami Championships, but it was fun.....sort of, in a pull your hair out kind of way. Think I might stick to wrapping presents, that I can do.


  1. Oh this gave me the best laugh out loud! I can only imagine how irritated I would be trying to fold neatly!

  2. And now I have an origami obsession. Things that don't kill you only make you stronger...yadda yadda. Hope they'll have internet access in my padded room.


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