Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Eye Spy.....Adventures.

I know, I know, this is still not Paris part two, but bear with me, I promise it will come shortly. To be perfectly honest I wasn't going to play along with eye spy this week, because I couldn't think of any adventure pics to post. Then a light bulb went off above my head (completely alarming Fat Cat who was trying to crawl inconspicuously on to my lap) and I thought about my childhood diaries, full of stories, love found, love lost, friendships and significant milestones. Now there's an adventure or two folks.

I also thought of a wonderful memoir that my grandmother put together (that's her up there on the right), starting with some family history from 1848 and continuing on until 1984. It is absolutely amazing and I'm so glad that she took the time to compile her story so that it can be passed down to my children. With her permission, I might share some of her adventures here, they will knock your socks off. You think you're having a bad day ? Try being five months pregnant with your third child, paralysed from the neck down with meningitis and popped in to a padded hospital room so your screams don't disturb the other patients. Now that folks is a bad day.

Thanks Louise for your theme, I think I may have to find a quiet corner to start re-reading again and for more interesting adventures, trek on over to Cindy's neck of the woods.

Cindy has also asked me to come up with next weeks theme and I have chosen.........
Eye Spy...Joy.
It can be anything that makes you smile, that improves your mood on a bad day and that basically just makes you feel good.


  1. How lovely. I am researching my family tree at the moment, it's soooo difficult with little or no information, how lucky for you to have all those precious stories written down for you, I'll bet it's a fantastic read!

  2. What a terrific heirloom and treasure. I had a conversation with my eldest today, who has a fear of nursing homes, about old people and how they were just like us once and because times were different often have the most amazing stories to tell. That just proves my point.

  3. Geez - that sounds like a lots of bad days. Your grandmother must be an incredibly strong woman. So lovely to have your grandmother's memoir & your own journals to. You're right - life is the greatest adventure of all.

    Love your theme for next week :)

  4. Good thinking you, on the theme! I still have a box of my old journals from age 11 until into my 20s. Adventures indeed!

  5. What a great entry! I would love to hear more from your grandma's journals. Sometimes I wish I could print out my blogs......not as personal as a diary, I know. More like a scrap book that I would love to have in my hands!

  6. I will be looking for that THIS! This is my kinda thing. More please.

  7. Um, sorry. I was so excited, I just scrambled the words out. What I meant was: I will be looking forward to THIS!


  8. Oh my, sounds like that would be some amazing stories. I wish that my Nan had done the same thing, there is so much amazing stuff that they have to share and they don't even realise.


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