Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What's Hot + What's Not This Week.

"Why Waffles," I can hear you exclaim in disbelief "You're joining in another Meme ?" Well, yes. Yes I am and this Meme is the brain-child of the lovely Ms Loobylu, so how could I possibly resist ?

I have decided to follow the reverse Not/Hot option, 'cause I like to finish up on a positive note.

Sad, soggy, wilted herbage from the green grocer. I tended them with care, sang them little lullabies, but alas, my parsley seems to be heading to the great Vegie Garden in the sky.

Ticks. Ticks are never hot, no they are not. Especially when they are embedded in the heads of the bebes. Totally not hot.

An unidentifiable, not right, odour lurking in the fridge. Erk. Nothing worse then sniffing through shelf by shelf. Moving things, tossing things, then quietly tearing your hair out when the source remains hidden.


Yours truly. No, no, I don't have tickets on myself. Quite literally I'm sweltering away from that fiery ball in the clear blue sky. Seems like someone may have decided we should skip Spring this year and launch straight into Summer. Phew.

Fresh, lovely green herby goodness, relocated this morning onto my kitchen bench. I love fresh herbs, just can't get enough I tell you. We also have a freshly planted up vegie patch just over-flowing with an assortment of herbs and vegetables. That is hot, yes it is.

Chocolate cupcakes, of course they're hot, especially when they have a birthday candle planted in them. Birthdays mean negative calories, which means more cupcakes, but I'm sure you already knew that.


  1. I had a herb garden once. I should qualify that statement. My neighbour had a herb garden once, placed conveniently at chest height on a dividing wall between our two balconies.

    Those herbs furnished many a pizza and Italian dish. They did it with gusto, they did it with glee! In part from the taste, but by and large cos they were free!

  2. Look at those delicious herbs! And more photos of the vegie patch pls. Ms Waffler. xx ps. thanks for joining in this week.

  3. Beautiful herbs! All of your hot things make me feel hot and thirsty. (That's a good thing, since it's cold and cloudy here.) I like ending with the hot. Nice. :)

  4. Hi there! I found you at loobylu.
    Funny thing- I live in Denver, Colorado... we seemed to have skipped fall the way y'all have skipped Spring. And I put this omission of seasons as one of my "Nots" too- haha!
    Love your blog... glad to *meet* you via the internet. :)

  5. That blue sky looks wonderful, along with those herbs, good luck with the dodgey smell in the fridge!

  6. Herbs! Yay!!! I need to learn more about herbs. Your list is hilarious!

  7. I must admit I am much more excited about the cupcakes than the herbs ;p

  8. Whilst I do enjoy a good chocolate cupcake (who doesn't) I am a sucker for herbs all sorts. I am planning to put in a more permanent herb garden come spring with some medicinals added in. and ticks, ugh - don't even get me started!

    Have a great day!


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