Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Creative Space

I am taking a really deep breath. This is one of those posts that I'm not sure I want to make. I love joining in with My Creative Space, but my space this week is causing me heartache. I was hoping, with a little time apart, that Witchy would some how flow more easily.... hmm, perhaps more time ?

Actually, Witchy has grown on me, but I really don't like the window. I like the boy on the left, but the boy on the right isn't quite what I was after. Oh dear, what to do ?

The Coach thinks I should start again. Perhaps I should take out the stone wall ? If you have any suggestions please let me know, because I'm starting to feel like I'm banging my head against said wall and I'm developing a rather tremendous headache.

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  1. You will receive no advice from me I'm afraid. As I've said before (somewhere, who knows where?) as artistic as I ever got was a paint-by-numbers piece I did in my childhood. Not good.

    But this still looks pretty good to me. I like the boy on the left too.

    Thinking about it, I did make some of those topiary trees once. You know the balls of foam you stick flowers in to to make a little tree? They were...well, pointless quite frankly. But kinda creative. Right?

  2. If it were me sweets, I would crop the whold thing in a lot more, make it so Witch dear is right on the left with her cape billowing of the page & so that you can't see the bottom of her dress/broom/cauldron.

    Then, the window would be more centered & you could ditch one of the boys (if you wanted) and maybe add a spooky apothecary cabinet under the window, full of skulls & potions & whatnot?

    The stone wall - perhaps make it a bit more organic... like a river stone wall with rocks of different shapes & sizes?

    Oh... and some cobwebs... definately!

    Hope you don't think I am being too forward - I didn't realise I liked "helping" so much lol, it's much better than trying to do something for myself... ;)

  3. *Just realised I can't spell, or write...
    - "whole"
    - "off"


    PS - I just got "crones" as my verification word... *cue spooky music*

  4. Walk away from the drawing. Go draw something else entirely. Come back to witchy and see how you feel.
    I can't draw for beans, so it looks pretty swell to me.
    Trust your instincts.

  5. Some time apart might help because it is amazing. Do you have a photocopier or scanner? Could you copy the drawing and make some changes to see if they work, before changing the original? Maybe?

    Lots of cool suggestions from Vic, I especially like the cobwebs.

  6. I like the sneaky little guy in the window gripping tight for all his might. I guess he's a shorty just like my lot.

  7. Well I have witchy very much. Maybe you need to take a break, get someone to hide it for you, if you get too obsessed like I do sometimes. I think it's really fabulous, but perhaps it would be even better without the brick. I hope that's not insulting.x

  8. Thanks for your feedback Peeps, trust me, no suggestions are insulting, they are all very much appreciated.
    @Vic : Thanks so much for all those ideas, I will definitely have another look at things and try some of your suggestions.
    @Nikki : Yes, The Coach can scan or copy for me, I think I will get some copies so I can play and hopefully enjoy the process more.

  9. well i think it is fabulous, i actually really like the little guy on the right!
    but walking away and coming back with a fresh perspective is always good

  10. I reckon ditch the stone wall or give it a different texture and maybe give witchy's dress a little more movement. I really like this drawing, I think when it's complete it will be fabulous, you've really captured the moment perfectly with the little boys faces.

  11. No suggestions from me! I think you are a very clever Waffler indeed. I love it all.

  12. For what it's worth, it looks great from an outsider. I say (like others) if you have the luxury of time, me thinks you need to walk away. Start something else, anything else and come back to it later.

  13. i like the stone wall. but I don't have any adive. I do love you drawings though.

  14. Generally, when I feel like that, I have to leave something for a while and come back to it. The more I 'worry' over it, the less creative I feel (and the more I want to throw it towards the bottom of the garden!)

    Just realised LolaNova said the same thing, so maybe just head off out for a walk and...breathe x

  15. I love the peeking kids at the window! Maybe they just need to be closer to the witch? Good luck with your musings :) K

  16. What about a trail of ivy growing up the wall behind the witch? i think it's fab.

  17. I'm afraid I'm not going to be of any help, because I think it's really great as it is! I actually think the peeking boys are my favorite bit. Good luck working through it!

  18. Oooh nice suggestion Lexi, a trail of ivy could work. Thanks :)

  19. i don't know much about art but perhaps the boy could be looking at something specific that he's scared of. and maybe if the witch was looking into her cauldron she'd look scarier... i don't really know what I'm talking about... just some ideas. xo m.

  20. I like it just the way it is!
    ... but the cropping suggestion from Vic is good too. Nikki's idea of photo-copying might be the way to go...

    Good luck.

  21. I guess it depends on the level of detail in the background.
    If you want to match your peeps then a line where the floor and the wall meet should help to anchor things and help with fleshing out the witch's (cave, cottage, condo). : )
    Otherwise diminish the wall, maybe start with the bottom two rows of bricks. Maybe a hint of it is all you really need.
    And don't worry about the angst, I'm starting to think that hand-wringing, grinding teeth and tearing your hair is a part of an illustrators every day job description.
    Man I can blab can't I, hope it's helpful : )
    x Alisa

  22. I know how it feels, but IT DOES looks lovely to me =0) I like the idea of some time apart from it - I know it helps me when I do my art sculptures.

  23. The little boy on the left IS very cute. Sorry... no suggestions. It looks great to me.

  24. OK - first off, it's looks lovely as it is - you are a very talented artist. Here's my two-cents worth of ideas if you feel like changing it:
    - you could make the floor more prominent, and maybe cobblestones instead of the bricks on the wall
    - the wall could have more cracks and cobwebs, rather than bricks
    - the witch could be more hunched and maybe some warts on her face (!!)
    - love the idea of a bigger cape - she could be more mean and scary looking
    - what about a mouse running along the floor?
    - the window and the kids are wonderful!!

  25. I love it! For what it's worth - here's my thoughts..... You could soften the window frame somewhat, ? elongate it, or make the top arched? I love witchy - she is ace. Peta

  26. i can't believe youa re not ecstatic with it. i love it. i really think you are very talented

  27. Wow, thanks everyone for all those excellent ideas. I could probably work on ten different Witchys now. And, thank-you to those who liked it as is, I'm starting to feel much better about the whole thing :) x

  28. As I said before, I love witchy. I would maybe take out the stone wall or make it less uniform, perhaps patches of stone or brick here and there. I love the boys at the window, I think they look great so leave them as they are, maybe just dirty/trash up the window to make it bit less perfect??
    Well thats my advice any hoo, for what it's worth, I'm sure you'll get to that happy place with it real soon as it looks pretty darn tooting good!!

  29. You have some great advice here. I would walk away first. A fresh view always helps in all things creative!!

    xo Steph

  30. I am in awe of how you draw. Seriously. My suggestion would be Witchy's hat. It IS a great hat but I don't think it's sitting on her head quite right?


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