Monday, November 30, 2009

Hello Monday

I thought in my absence you might have started fretting that I'd run away and joined a circus, but it's okay, no trapeze knife juggling for me just yet. See, here I am, having a jolly old time at Le Artiste's annual junior school swim carnival. Can you see that enthusiasm etched into my features ? That is the face of a woman having fun, fun, fun I assure you.

But really, it's not about us is it folks ? It's about the kids, and whilst Petal was supremely unimpressed that she couldn't leap in and give those Year Three boys a run for their money *le sigh*, I think Le Artiste had a great day. The weather was perfect, there was a sausage sizzle and numerous lolly snakes were consumed (tutt tutt Coach, I saw, oh yes I did).

So anyway, silly season seems to have started early for us this year and my poor little diary is chockablock for the next three weeks. But most of my Christmas shopping is done and the tree is up, yes, we are almost counting down on an hourly basis now, yikes. My plan is to try and enjoy the relative calm before the school holidays begin, that's when things really turn up a notch and we have a house full of 'the crazies'....hang on....just taking a few breaths into the brown paper bag after thinking about it. How are you coping with the start of the festive season ? I am sure we can all get through it, two, three...breathe into the bag, that's the way.


  1. Your face says 'I Should Have Been a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here'. I wish I could help.

    I cannot stand Christmas and all the happy people and the bells, oh God the bells! Probably because I never do anything on Christmas day apart from eating food I don't like (cold cut meat, from the bone!?) and complaining with a great deal of effort about the heat and prawn preparation.

    Give me the winter solstice any bloody day.

  2. heheee, your face definitely says it all! love it.
    relaaaaax & take a few breaths, it'll be over before you know it ♥

  3. Oh Bah Humbug Scrooge-Awesome, it will all be over soon my Sweet ;)

  4. I have to tell you, I'm on the edge. And I'm a little in denial. I'm too afraid to open the diary. Too afraid to think too far ahead. I can't tell you how stressful it is that I haven't even chosen what we're all going to wear for the family Christmas photo for the family Christmas card yet! Which I haven't bought paper for yet and I haven't finished my Christmas shopping and I'm busy preparing for a P&F Committee meeting on Thursday night, and...hold on... *grabbing paper bag*... oh, I just can't think about it anymore. Feel your pain...

  5. Oh dear, you seem to have things well in hand. As for me, I have hardly even thought about it, other than the worrying that I should be thinking about it. I think it will be a rather humble holiday this year. I'd best get cracking, the list is ever so long. ...but first, I should make haste to the aspirin bottle, I feel a headache coming on.
    "It will be lovely no matter what," will be my mantra.

  6. And that my lovely Lola Nova is an excellent mantra. I too shall mutter those words into my brown paper bag :)


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