Sunday, November 15, 2009

Winners are Grinners.

If you are most anxiously awaiting the second installment of my adventures in Paris, then I'm afraid I must apologise. Today I fell into that frightening abyss that is ebay...eek....I feel like my brain has been shredded and fried like a Masterchef challenge gone awry. So the words are a little mumbly jumbly at the minute but I have managed to get the camera back off The Coach just in time to show you an absolutely divine little bundle that arrived in the mail on Friday.

Yes, I won a blog give away, on my birthday no less, from the oh-so-clever Sherrin at Starashan. Such a thrill I have to say and I'm thoroughly delighted with all the luscious little bits and pieces, the kimono fabric bag, the lavender, orange and rose geranium soap and the surprise brooch, so yummy. And just for the record, Sherrin has the most insanely beautiful handwriting, I'm terribly jealous.

Anyway, before someone announces that they are plating up, I shall continue on to the next job on that never ending list. I hope you had a perfect weekend and I plan on considerable more blog love during the next week. (Yeah, yeah, promises, promises.)


  1. I recognised Sherrin's 'sig pic' right away .. isn't she ace ? - lucky you :)


  2. Wow, what an ace bundle. Sherrin is very clever and you are a lucky and deserving birthday girl.

  3. Lucky you! I so wish I was even a little artistic. As good as it gets is a paint by numbers I did when I was about 12. And even that didn't turn out very well. *sigh*

  4. Happy Birthday! What a wonderful win! I can smell the geranium soap just reading your blog.

  5. Happy Birthday sweetie!!! So glad you had a lovely win as well, looks like a gorgeous bundle of things. How much fun it is to receive a package in the mail, that's just for you! Enjoy xo

  6. sounds like a fabulous birthday treat, yay!!! you will smell so lovely with the orange & rose geranium soap...mmm, what a great combo.
    have a great one ♥


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