Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What's Hot + What's Not

It's the middle of the week and I am in a serious creative slump. It's a bit like having teeth slowly extracted, but with a pencil...and some paper....and well, actually it's nothing like having teeth extracted, but it is causing me some serious angst and I need a pick-me-up quick smart. Luckily, as it is a Wednesday, Ms Loobylu is hosting another week of What's Hot + What's Not, so I am going to join in whilst I wait for my creativity to return.


Planting lettuces just before a heat wave. They have gone straight to the giant salad bowl in the sky.

Humidity. It's great if you have a flowing mane of ringlets. I don't have a flowing mane of ringlets. Humidity is not my friend.

Fat Cat scoffing her dinner so quickly that she proceeds to regurgitate it all over the kitchen floor. Sheesh Fat Cat, how many times have I told you, chew every mouthful one hundred times, at least.


Finding new and inventive ways to stay cool whilst watching the television. Yes, that's Petal's foot. She's catching the breeze with her toes, but I'm sure you already worked that out for yourself.

Watching the vegies grow. You may think I'm a dork but I will have the last laugh as I feast on my organic produce. Nom nom nom.

Exercise. No, that's not a typo and I haven't accidentally put that in the wrong category. I'm embracing exercise again, but just to be clear, not that jumpy up and down sweat inducing exercise, oh no. I'm talking calm, controlled, work up a light glow kind of exercise. Thirty minutes of Pilates puts me in a much better head space, must be all that deep breathing and building my inner core strength.

So what's hot or not at your place ? Why don't you play along ? You know you want to.


  1. Waffles, I do love Petal's foot going skywards! So cute.

  2. let me assure you humidity does nothing for curly hair either!!!!

  3. What's hot at my place: my place. It's a fucking furnace! So many windows, so many breeze catching nooks and crannies (always hated that phrase, I do not know what a cranny is and I don't think I would like one) and yet no fucking breeze since Sunday to enjoy it.

    Love the vege garden. My mother and I used to have a massive one on the cattle station growing up. I'm talking almost hobby-farm scale. I grew my father radishes, apparently because I was under the impression he was a horse. He wasn't.

    One day my mother asked me to pick 'some' carrots, the definition of 'some' I immediately applied quite liberally to mean 'all'. Goodness know how I operated the wheelbarrow to bring them to her, but I suffered rather promptly a carrot induced nightmare.

  4. I just wanna say that Fat Cat sounds like the dog. Found two pressies for me on the hallway runner the other morn - he obviously doesn't chew his bones 100 times either.

    What's hot? Well, I am kinda enjoying some me time whilst Hubby "works" in the US this week.

    What' not? The thought of taking 3 boys to cricket on Sat morn. Ugh.

  5. How totally beautiful is your vegie patch?! I am so envious of your neat bamboo climbing frames. Go YOU! I am not doing any vegies this year. Waiting until I get my water tank next year. Until then, it seems pointless around these parts.
    Stay cool up there on the mountain miss... and I hear you about the mid-week creative slump. Blah!

  6. Hey ~ I love my vegie patch too! We used the lettuce (ours have been in a while) the other day in salad! Tomatos, zucchinis, cucumbers and capscium well on their way.

  7. Bamboo climbing frame - very clever _ want to grow a crop just for that purpose!
    Hope your creative block clears soon! (like now)
    Chele x

  8. I just have to disagree with one thing - humidity. It does not for a glamourous ringletty hairdo make. I promise. It just looks like the family stuck their finger in the nearest electric socket.

  9. Cath & Tania, thanks for the heads up girls, we'll all quietly detest humidity together shall we ;)

  10. Love the veggie patch... even sans lettuce it looks lovely.
    My veggies are finding the heat hard... but the zucchini seem to love it!
    What's not hot? Humidity on curly hair... sigh... even less hot? The battle with a straightener in 35c heat!

  11. Your veggie garden looks fantastic!
    I've been meaning to plant tomatoes for weeks. First it was too hot, now it's pissing down. That's Melbourne for you....

  12. Oh yes Stacey, it's one of the things I loved about Melbourne, the reliably unreliable weather.


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