Monday, August 10, 2009

Eye Spy.....Inspiration

Today I thought I might join in a fun meme hosted by the lovely Cindy from bugandpop (check out the lingo folks, how blog savvy am I becoming ?). The theme for Eye Spy this week is inspiration and I must admit, I could fill a list at the moment.

But above all, I am inspired by the creativity of my children, particularly their artwork with so many lovely images and colours. Unfortunately I am finding myself in the predicament of many an adoring parent, so much artwork, so little room. I have resorted to selected the pick of the crop and discretely sending the runner ups in to the recycling bin, but I do so with a heavy heart I assure you.

Would you like to share what inspires you ? If you would, scoot over to bugandpop and join in the fun, we'd all love to see, oh yes we would.


  1. Thanks for joining in. I can see how you could be inspired by all that good stuff! I love it all. Such clever little ones you have.

  2. So bright and cheery...and inspiring!

  3. I love children's art too - totally inspiring!
    Sometimes I reuse finger painting by cutting up the painted paper or using a paper punch. Then they use this paper for further collaging.

  4. Why thank-you Ms Bird Bath, what a lovely idea to ease the burden of my heavy recycling heart. Recycled collages, wonderful.

  5. Yes lovely art from littlies are totally inspiring! Take photos of all their pictures and put them on a disk for each child... before you use them all for wrapping paper!
    We could wall paper the whole house in a month's worth of drawings I think.

  6. Thanks Monica, another excellent suggestion.


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