Monday, August 24, 2009

Eye Spy.....Theme for next week

So I've be given a small task, a little something to make the cogs and wheels whir and hum in my sometimes fuzzy wuzzy brain space. To come up with a theme for the Sunday Eye Spy meme hosted by Cindy at Bugandpop....hmmmm....*cue drum roll please*.....

Eye Spy...........Something soothing

I do hope that you'll come and play along, I would love to see what helps other people relax and chill. As any mother to a couple of lively young un's will attest, we need all the soothing and chillaxin' we can get.

Thanks Cindy for hosting this fun meme every week.


  1. I like this theme; it means I may have to force myself to have some relaxing time this weekend.

  2. Oh yes, and then you can start trying out all the other 'soothing' methods. We'll have ourselves a Soothe-a-thon.


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