Monday, August 24, 2009

Eye Spy....Something I Want to Try

Image taken from ABC Delicious magazine, February 2009. Photography by Caren Alpert.

Thanks again to Cindy for hosting another week of Eye Spy, if you haven't yet, pop on over and see what everyone has added. Our theme for this week was brought to us by Kimono Reincarnate, and it's a good one, oh yes it is. The list of things that I would like to try could go on forever, arty things, crafty things, edible things, journeys and adventures....see what I mean.

But one thing which makes me go weak at the knees and sigh continuously is the thought of attending a banquet with Outstanding in the Field. *Sigh*, look there I go again. This wonderful idea was featured in the February 2009 edition of ABC Delicious and I think it sounds truly magical. From the fields to the table, it doesn't get much fresher then that. Unfortunately, Outstanding in the Field isn't available in Australia *small sob*....yet. See, that my friends is called optimism. But I'll just bet if we let them know about some of our fine locations and produce they'd be champing at the bit to come and set up Down Under. I guess in the meantime I shall settle with my humble barbecues whilst I patiently bide my time and wait and drool at the tempting photographs listed here. *Sigh*

Oh, by the way, Cindy has asked if I can think up a theme for next week and oooh yes, I would love to. So I shall give it some careful consideration and list my theme a little later. Thanks Cindy.


  1. That does look like an amazing way to dine! I look forward to seeing what theme you come up with for next week.

  2. Thanks Melanie...thinking...thinking.....

  3. Oh wow, what a concept! This would go down so well in Australia! Hmmmmm, food for thought!!

  4. I love this idea - oh please, please let it come to Australia! In a location where the weather doesn't fluctuate too much (darn, that leaves Melbourne out).

  5. I loved the one in the corn field, how amazing was that! Surely there is room on the side of your mountain in the sun.


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