Friday, August 21, 2009


Image taken from - Al Capp's Complete Shmoo:The Comic Books

Sometimes, for no particular reason, a word pops into my head. Usually a nonsensical word, a word that might roll of the tongue like a warm glob of honey. A word popped in today - schmoo.

Now this is why I love the Internet so much, one second a word means nothing, the next, you have a whole page of information before you.

There is such a thing as a shmoo, it was a cartoon character created by Al Capp. The following has been taken from an interview that Al gave Cosmopolitan Magazine in June 1949 titled 'I Don't Like Shmoos'. These few words have endeared the humble Shmoo to me forever.

"The Shmoo didn't have any social significance ; it is simply a juicy li'l critter that gives milk and lays eggs....When you look at one as though you'd like to eat it, it dies of sheer ecstasy. And if one really loves you, it'll lay you a cheesecake - although this is quite a strain on it's li'l innards....."

An adoring, cheesecake laying Shmoo, do you think I could have one for Christmas ?

If you would like to know a little more about Shmoos click here.


  1. Ah, shmoo and I go way back! We used to have a vid featuring him when I was little.

  2. The Shmoo, who knew ? With a vid too ? (Bet you're pretty darn dazzled with my poetic skills, no ?)

  3. I am going to burst your bubble right now and ruin everything you ever associated with that word to tell you some people use it as slang for a part of the woman's anatomy.

    You hate me now, don't you ? :p

  4. Why ? Why ? Why ? Is nothing sacred. Sheesh, I did a google search and all. Oh well, it gives me a giggle to think of anyone looking for a blog search for 'that' and finding my post.


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