Saturday, August 1, 2009

My Creative Space

I'm not quite certain who began the 'My Creative Space' post idea, but if I'm not mistaken it may have been Kootoyoo. I have seen some lovely little posts pop up at Loobylu, Bugandpop and Hoppo Bumpo, so I thought it might be fun to join in.

My creative space is my lovely dining table (see Coach, I still love this dining table, it was worth every penny) which is also my work station, computer desk, nail painting area and.....oh yes, when the need arises, the place that we eat our meals.

Last week a picture popped into my head. It involved a young girl who was completely oblivious to a small black cat desperately trying to get her attention and a fluttering cherub taking aim on a balloon which housed a strategically placed love heart. Can you see where I was going with the idea ?

Today I had some time up my sleeve so I thought I'd try and sketch the image. I'm enjoying playing around with ink images with just a hint of colour. Unfortunately at the moment I'm limited by my felt tip fine liners (have I drooled over a lovely Rotring technical pen set ? Urm...maybe...) but as this is merely a hobby at the moment, I think that's okay. We are a family who loves to draw, oh yes we are, happy days in the Waffler home.


  1. How wonderful! I always wished I could draw, but even my stick figures are lopsided.

  2. I think lopsided stick figures are even more interesting, makes you wonder what they've been up to.

  3. This is such a gorgeous sketch. I hope we can see more soon. Isn't the fact that you need to blog a good enough reason to buy rotring

  4. Thanks Cindy. I think that's an excellent argument. The Coach can be such a party pooper sometimes.

  5. That is a beautiful illustration !

  6. Thanks Leanne, I'm thrilled as always :)


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