Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A win for Team ALDI

Get out the balloons and streamers everyone, today marks a day of great importance in the Waffler household. Today I joined Team ALDI.

Now some of you may be thinking 'Woop Dee La Dee Doo,' but the build up to today has been enormous and has taken a dedicated team of ALDI supporters approximately two years of blood, sweat and tears.

As I marched my ALDI trolley out through the golden sliding doors, I proudly contemplated my three VERY FULL shopping bags and marvelled that I had only spent $49.95. That's about a bag of grapes and packet of juice at my usual supermarket. Yes, the rumours were all true and I was impressed.

Admittedly I was a little hazy as to what the contents of my bulging shopping bags actually were as I had been loading things in to my trolley with gay abandon, deliriously chinging the savings up on my mental cash register. 10 cents, ching. 25 cents, ching. $1.50 ching, ching, ching.

But the point is that I have overcome a debilitating fear of organised chaos. No, there were no familiar lines of neat and organised shelving, but I took deep breaths and surveyed the scene like a tour guide in an unfamiliar jungle, different trees, same approach.

So now we have Breakfast Bubbles and Dippits instead of Rice Bubbles and Le Snacks, but I think we'll cope (did I mention "ching, ching"?) And to Team ALDI, thank-you all for your support and nagging, see, it does get in. Now where do I sign up for my printed sweat-shirt and badge ?


  1. Welcome to the club gurl. I lurve Aldi for all its wonderful randomness and cheapness. Go Team Aldi!

  2. Give me an A....give me an L...give me a D....give me a....oh dear, have I gone too far ?

  3. Ha ha - love it, welcome to the Aldi converts. Although Costco is opening in Melbourne and I fear I may ditch Aldi for some bulk bargins!

  4. I love Aldi. I take the boys and we have 2 trolleys (once I had 3) and we load them up to the brim. This normally lasts us about 5 or 6 weeks, with just tiny top-ups at our local supermarket for things Aldi doesn't sell.
    We save SO much money.

  5. Nothing better than being able to get all your groceries AND a ski suit whilst shopping. I freaking love Aldi. Check out the marinated roasts - they are awesome and the chicken korma.

  6. OOh, thanks for the tips ladies, next time I shall use multiple trolleys and pick up a new ski suit and a few roasts and some chicken korma, heck, I might even grab a new tv. Go Team Aldi.

  7. Finally after two years of "nagging" and taste testing at my dining table during Friday "wine club" you have crossed the hallowed threshold of those ALDI doors. (Friday wine club is a great invention while the kids are at kids club up the road at the local church). Congratulations you have seen part of the light.

  8. I can't very well argue with a Dr now can I ?


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