Sunday, August 9, 2009

My Creative Space

Since I last posted about my creative space, I have learnt that Thursday is creative space day. I realise that today is not Thursday, it is Sunday, but what can I say, my creative juices flow more freely on the weekend.

Today was so superb on the weather front that I decided to move my easel out on to the deck, why wouldn't you ? The gentle breeze did attempt to wreak havoc on my watercolour but I persevered, and although I didn't really have an idea when I started, I thought it turned out quite cute albeit with a rather mismatched colour scheme.

The down side to rediscovering my passion for painting is that there is a small mountain forming on the floor next to my dining table. Paper, sketch pads, pencils, pens, my watercolour's threatening to take over I tell you. Hmmm, perhaps I'll put that on my agenda for Thursday.

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  1. Go and buy more pencils and paper. Oh No too late - you already have, and it's a good thing too. Love your work, Really.


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