Saturday, August 8, 2009

Party Time

Petal and I went to a birthday party today. A party buzzing with the unrestrained energy of twenty-four over-excited four and five year olds.

Did you feel the tremor in the air over your way ? I'm pretty sure it would have reached Greenland. It was the kind of vibe that turns straight hair curly, yes it was.

There was much jumping in the jumping castle, swinging on the swing-set, hiding in the deluxe (we're very jealous) cubby-house and racing around a giant, bodacious block of acreage.

The weather was glorious, the company (big and small) was lovely and there was cake, a Barbie cake no less, I thought Petal's eyes were going to pop out of her head, boy oh boy, the jubilant delight of it all.

It really was a most tremendously wonderful way to spend the afternoon. I hope that you have had a marvelous Saturday too. Now I'm off to blow some bubbles and sneak a lolly from the goodie-bag, parties rock.


  1. Hon, I have a a block of special dark chocolate set aside with your name on it ;)Lolly Schmolly.

  2. Hope you got some good loot! My kids save the bananas for me.

  3. Sadly the loot was a touch disappointing, not a single 'milk bottle' for mum :(


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