Sunday, September 6, 2009

Eye Spy......Something blooming

Something blooming...a flower, an agapanthus (married to a horticulturist remember) spring.....*yawn*. Hey, I saw that sneaky *yawn* and guess what......I got you. Yes, this is a blooming flower but this is not my eye spy for today. My eye spy is the person behind the camera, little Petal, a blooming photographer. She loves to get her hands on the 'real' camera, then off she goes, totally snap happy and thrilled to pieces when she can see her images in all their glory on the computer screen. Of course the Barbie camera doesn't really cut the mustard, but Petal was happy to oblige when I asked if she could pretend to take a photo of the barren frangipani. I don't think she was particularly thrilled with the subject matter, but when it comes to striking a pose she is a consummate professional.

If you would like to see more eye-spy head on over to Cindys and thank-you to Holly for this weeks fun theme.

And by the way, I hope that all the daddys had a wonderful Fathers Day today. We luvs you, yes we do. xx

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