Monday, September 14, 2009

I Spy.......Seasons change

I don't think that I am alone in wondering where this year has gone ? Spring already ? But I only made my all time happy dish, chicken casserole, twice in the cooler months *sigh*. It always leaves me feeling a little blue when it's time to push the casserole dish to the back of the cupboard, replacing it with the quiche flan tin (although just between you and me, I do quite enjoy a good quiche).

The clearest sign that the season is changing in the Waffler house is the style of footwear that is scattered next to the front door (yes, it kills me, but I am determined not to start arranging the shoes on a daily basis). It would seem that as the temperature rises, so does our need to air our tootsies, so out come the thongs (or flip flops, if you prefer). Oh yes, we are true blue Aussies, crazy Queenslanders and we love our thongs. Bring on summer, oh, and perhaps a fresh coat of lovely soft pink me, not The Coach or Le Artiste...just to be clear.

For more of this weeks Eye Spy meme, flip flop your way over to Cindy's and thanks to Lisa for this weeks seasonal theme.


  1. I have noticed the rare sighting of the thong here too. Summer is definitely on it's way... but I am happy to enjoy Spring first.

    Can we find your chicken casserole recipe anywhere?

  2. Oh, I am most jealous, O crazy Queenslander! It's still horrible, wet and soggy over here in the West and so not thongs weather yet.

    I'm also dreading summer and open shoes in particular, as the fallout from April's dropping-a-Kitchen-Aid-on-my-big-toe incident will be glaringly obvious to all.


  3. @ Chantelle : I haven't popped it online yet, but I will post it later on in the week for you, it's the best (though not super healthy, more of a treat meal).

    @ Sparkly Tiara : Oh dear me, dark blue nailpolish ?

  4. Ah, the warmth...we love it! Our biggest delight has a real problem with wearing socks, it's a constant battle each morning - it's not pretty. So knowing she can slip on a pair of thongs or sandles makes us all happy :-)
    Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts on kiss the birdie x

  5. On the other end over here. My summer toes are planning a riot against the closed in shoe. Seasons changing to fall and I can smell rain in the air. I'm not quite ready yet.

  6. mmm. yes we are having quiche tonight actually. Well, one of those cheater impossible pie quiches.

  7. It won't stop raining in my part of the world so perhaps if I paint my toe nails I can convince the seasons that I am ready & waiting for change!!!
    A great thing about thongs is that there are no socks to wash and then desperately try to match!

  8. @Cindy : Bah, socks right, who needs them ?

    @Lola Nova : Well at least in the cooler months you can always pull out that other Aussie classic, the good old ugg boot, cosy toes.

    @Bek : A pie quiche, there's something I haven't actually tried. Sounds yummo.

    @Sally : You can always try and if all else fails, get some of those gorgeous Hunter gumboots, in red of course *sigh*.

    @Sarah : Aussie, Aussie, Aussie,
    thong, thong, thong ;)

  9. Thank you. I look forward to it. I can do treats! x

  10. Ahhh yes, the good old Aussie thongs. They were needed rather too early for us Queenslanders this year though!

  11. @Melanie : Yes, that was a freaky little heat wave wasn't it ? It was sheer luck that I made a spur of the moment decision to give myself a mini pedicure a week before hand - toes were thong ready.

  12. yep, we are starting to go into fall, though in Texas, we can still wear flip flops year round on some days!

  13. I can't wait. This is all you'll find on my feet in a few months.


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