Monday, September 7, 2009

Load up the mules Coach.

Saturday was a big day in the Waffler house. We were heading OM (that's Off Mountain for all you city slickers) yessiree, grand plans indeed. We loaded up the pack mules, filled our pockets with brightly coloured pebbles (lest we lose our way home. Think of all the drama it would have saved if Hansel and Gretel had the forethought to grab pebbles instead of breadcrumbs) and ensured that our back packs were filled with trail mix, chocolate and salted beef. Yes, we were ready and nothing was going to stand in our way.

Down we went, taking our time so as to avoid burst eardrums (yup, that pressure can get you, mark my words) and shedding layers of clothing as we dipped below the clouds and re-entered civilisation and *insert dramatic music* suburbia.

Were we dazzled by all the music and bright lights ? You be the judge.


  1. So so cute, I love these photos of the smalls. All that hiking and OM prep was definitely worth it!

  2. Love that you took precautions, very sensible

  3. Thanks Sarah, reading fairy tales and taking thorough notes has served me well.

  4. Your bravery and determination are much to be admired. Sounds as though you took thorough measure in your preparation. No doubt this adventure will be one for the story books.


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