Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Getting to know you...

Actually, 'Getting to know me,' would have been a more appropriate title, but that wasn't in the song lyrics which tragically I was singing at the kitchen sink this morning. It would appear that rote learning songs from The Sound of Music in year nine at school was way more effective then I gave it credit for.

Anyway, today I am in a sharing, caring kind of mood, so I thought now might be a good time to enlighten you with five completely useless, trivial facts about myself. How exciting right ? Are you ready to be dazzled ? I'll just bet that you're jiggling around in your seat in anticipation, so here we go :

1) I love pickled food. Dill pickles, pickled herrings, sauerkraut...LOVE it. I'm attributing this to my Hungarian/Latvian heritage, but I might just have warped taste buds. One of my favorite memories was seeing the reaction of a true-blue Aussie boyfriend when faced with a Latvian Sunday breakfast. This consisted of toast, hard boiled egg, pickled herring, cream and musicians meat (a cold jellied mince meat dish) and vinegar with hot English mustard. Mmm, yum. Interesting to note that people really do have the ability to turn a pale shade of green when faced with certain culinary treats.

2) Embarrassingly, I still develop crushes on tv characters. I honestly believed this was something I would grow out of...apparently not. But I am pleased to report that as an adult I am mature enough to understand that it is the character and not the actor that I fall in love the way, Jason Wiles, if you ever read this......I loooooooooove you *swoon*.

3) I line my dining chairs up with the joins between the wood panels on the dining table. I kid you not. Ocd much ?? Sadly I have also married a man who finds it endlessly amusing to leave the chairs out at various angles, just so he can watch me walk around and re-align them all. Coach, all I will say is small things amuse small minds.

4) When I was twenty-one I went to France to work as an au pair. The three children spoke no English and I spoke approximately five words of French. It worked out about as well as you'd expect.

5) I used to sing opera. Not professionally, but I took lessons and did exams for years. I still love to belt out a good Italian tune, usually after a few glasses of red wine. I'm not quite sure what the neighbours make of this, but the kids seem to get a kick out of it and who doesn't love a non-discerning audience.

So there you have it, five completely random pieces of information about me. Now we know each other on a whole different level right ? And I really would like to get to know you a little better, if you feel like sharing a piece of your soul. Tell me anything you like, I won't laugh, after all, my first tv crush was on a Thunderbird puppet, who am I to judge ?


  1. I loved this post nearly as much as I love The List.

    My stepfather eats this jellied meat thing with a boiled egg in the middle called 'pachau' or something like that. It is the only food my husband has EVER refused. As a Jewish family coming from a Latvian/Russian heritage we just love to eat pickled herring so I get you there!

    AND I am more OCD than you (as you can tell from the tweet I sent you)! My whole house lines up and sometimes I move my dog's position when he sleeps on the couch so that his "angle" is better

    Great post


  2. Hahaha, I just laughed out loud (which is a tad freakish when you're alone in the house)at the thought of you moving the dog into a better angle. You crack me up.

  3. haha I do the same thing with the dining room chairs. Plus many other articles of furniture! Sometimes I try to leave it alone, crooked, but it just bugs me more and more as the day passes until I just cannot resist!

  4. And this is why I love blogging, you confess some of your neurotic tendencies and people come out of the word work to reassure you that you are not alone. Thanks Cassandra.

  5. Great list! I'm the same with pickled food, but vegetables only. I can't quite manage the fishy stuff.

    That's too funny on the chairs, I rarely have the chairs even up at the table, as dining table has recently turned into desk / filing cabinet / dustmagnet / home of everything I don't have a place for!

    And at some point you know you're going to have to sing for us, don't you?

    Oh - and crushes on TV characters? I'm blushing out loud here, if there's such a thing, but if there are any Stargate fans around.. ah well. WHy not?

  6. Thanks for sharing Sparkles, you know your Stargate secret is safe with us.

  7. I expect a opera sinata (I think that is what their called) at our next wine club!! Pls don't bring pickled food only wine.


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