Monday, September 28, 2009

Not quite all there.

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This is exactly how I feel at the moment. Everything seems a tad fuzzy and before you even ask, no I've not touched a drop of champagne or so much as swirled a nice leggy Pinot Noir around in a glass. Rather sad, no ?

Admittedly we are half way through the school holidays, but today we have drifted along at an altogether civilised pace, so I think I must point the finger of blame elsewhere.

Anyhoo, hopefully the fuzzies will blow away in all this wind, it has to be good for something right ? Meanwhile Petal is cleaning her room whilst balancing a book on her head and wearing 3D glasses which make her look startlingly like Roy Orbison and Le Artiste is making a dog named Bob from a cardboard box. Bob certainly looks like he's had a bowl or twenty of MeatyBites. Poor Bob, since you have no legs you really must stick to a stricter diet, or at the very least go and roll down the hill a few times each day.


  1. Mmmm....know the feeling. It's only short term, don't worry.

  2. Perhaps Bob could go swimming and live up to his name? I'm sorry, I'll show myself out.

    Hope you perk up lassie, perhaps this limerick will help:

    There once was a lady named Waffles
    Who wrote and created non stopples,
    It's quite hard to rhyme,
    With your name (though sublime)
    So this limerick's now wordsmith offal.

  3. Rick, at the risk of totally outing myself as a child of the eighties, you are ACE.
    ps. Much less fuzzy today thanks, feeling down right industrious in fact. Sketching ninja chickens....hint.


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